Villa Chiberta by Atelier Delphine Carrere

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Apr 2014 7:11 pm | Homes

Located in a forest of pine trees near the beach in Anglet, France, this contemporary residence called Villa Chiberta was designed by the Atelier Delphine Carrere architectural practice in 2013 with a light wood façade following the nearby tree lines.

The side toward the road is quite enclosed to ensure the privacy of the inhabitants and only some areas are opened to offer a view of the landscape. The other side opens toward the garden and it features expansive glass surfaces to ensure a constant connection with the outdoors. The living room extends outside to the long swimming pool and on the other end there is a cabin with the same wooden exterior as the main house.

The night space was placed on the same level as the garden with sliding windows and wooden panels, while the master bedroom is on the upper level to ensure a 360 degree view of the surroundings.



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