Villa C by Studio Guilhem

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Jun 2015 11:14 pm | Homes

This project is a joint venture of Richard Guilhem and the project manager Denis Bodino and it became a really beautiful and contemporary private residence in the La Californie area of Cannes, France.

They called their project simply Villa C and the designers aimed at a Zen-like minimalism with simple geometries and materials that put the house in closer relation to the nature surrounding it such as concrete, stone, glass and wood, each carefully calculated to provide the perfect harmony of elements. The villa spreads over a surface of 480 square meters and the interiors try to provide a beauty through the use of the necessary elements only thus creating a spacious and serene ambiance.

The central element of the design is the patio, which has a cubic shape and is transparent to add a natural element to each of the levels. The large windows ensure that the interior illumination is efficient and that there is enough natural light inside to allow a warm and comfortable home.



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