Villa Bie by MLPR Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Sep 2014 7:45 pm | Homes

The Villa Bie is an impressive contemporary residential project designed by the practice of MLPR Architects according to the guidelines of the area on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark which require each structure to have a height of up to 1-1/2 levels.

Instead of opting for a traditional project, the villa has a gabled roof and a minimalist exterior that is comprised of an inverted triangle with a large empty space cut from the front to create room for a covered deck where the glazed walls connect to the surroundings.

The material encasing the exterior is Accoya wood which provides a durable surface that has almost no shrinkage or swelling because of the temperature.

The concrete platform which holds the villa has the shape of a rectangular box with a set of stairs leading to the entrance. The home is oriented toward the sea so that it can be seen from the living area as well as from the bedrooms on the upper level.


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