Vietnamese Apartment With Artistic Flair

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jul 2016 10:21 am | Apartments

This beautiful apartment is located in Vietnam and it features a modern design with a cozy and highly artistic interior.

The color palette is typical for the contemporary aesthetic using bright neutral tones of white through the walls and ceiling and a warm wood floor to add a bit of nature inside while also providing extra warmth. The apartment is designed to host a family with a semi-open floor plan that utilizes sliding doors to separate the dining and living areas from the kitchen.

Each room has its own personality and design making its purpose obvious, thus the children’s room has painted walls and lively colors, while the master bedroom and the secondary bedroom use more sober tones and modern artworks as decorative elements to create a stylish ambiance.

With a careful eye for details and a great choice of furnishings and decorations this apartment manages to offer an absolutely superb interior exemplary for the contemporary aesthetic ideals.



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