Victoria One by Elenberg Fraser Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Sep 2014 4:26 pm | Skyscrapers

Victoria One is the tallest residential tower in Melbourne, Australia with a height of 791 feet and an impressive design created by the practice of Elenberg Fraser Architects to remind the visitors of a botanic aesthetic.

The project is still under construction and will only be completed in 2018 with a green glass façade combined with metallic fins on the sides. The landmark has 75 floors and takes the inspiration for the imposing presence from the famous landscapes of the region with waterfalls, rainforests and oceanside beaches.

The façade has a silver fins pattern that adds extra wind and sun protection as well as a fluid appearance. The ten lower floors of the tower have fixed vegetation to the base in order to ease the impact from the street level.

The tower will host 629 residential units with floor to ceiling windows, contemporary interiors and access to the winter garden as well as to the communal facilities such as the swimming pool, spa, gym, lounges and the club.


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