The Vanglo House by LWPAC

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2014 4:37 pm | Homes

Located in the Main Street area of Vancouver, Canada, the Vanglo House is a project designed by the LWPAC architectural practice in 2014 as an urban residence sitting on an inner city infill site that asked for a new perspective on the typical local housing typologies.

The design aims to provide optimal flexibility and functionality so that the changing living conditions would always be suitable, offering an open environment with outdoor living areas as well as a small rental suite to generate extra income for the owners.

The vertical layout ensures privacy and a view of the surroundings at the same time from a free deck that extends the living area. There is a porch and staircase at the entrance to create a strong street presence while challenging the contemporary aesthetic in an attempt of integrating the city’s history with its future.

The former structure was deconstructed for recycling purposes and the new home is energy star compliant with triple glazed windows and a high performance encasing.



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