V’ammos Restaurant by LM Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jul 2014 5:34 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The V’ammos restaurant designed by the LM Architects practice is built over the water next to the Karaiskaki Stadium in Piraeus, Greece and the location set the overall aesthetic of the project.

The restaurant spreads over a surface of 300 square meters with an optically moving roof as the main element to emulate the dynamic of the sea. The ceiling was created through parametric design and it creates the identity of the entire restaurant.

The elongated bar is a composition created out of 300 cooking pots and the bar itself is an installation in which the repetition and correlation in space define the space. The layout inside is linear with successive rooms and the imposing presence of the stadium left visible through each of them.

The designers Mariza Angelidi and Lila Galata explained their choice for such a defining ceiling thus: “The construction was adapted to hide the structural elements and the electromechanical installations, while at the same time allowing access to these units” and it truly brings a dynamic vibe into the ambiance.



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