Urban Loft by Nordes Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2013 7:30 pm | Apartments

This contemporary apartment was created by the Russian design firm Nordes as a study of the modern sans color design which focuses more on the textures and visual elements rather than on a large palette.

The loft has two bedrooms and uses rich woods, rugs and upholstery with various textures along with a lot of contemporary works of art and photos to create a diverse ambiance in which the palette is intentionally left as neutral as possible.

The living area becomes more interesting through the large scale black and white photos left on the ground due to their size and the office space has some of the warmest colors and lights in the apartment due to the grained wood and spotlights. This room also has wooden flooring with wide planks and the armchair complements the black and brown palette.

The kitchen has a lot of storage cabinets and tries to keep most of the hardware and appliances out of sight to create a minimalist aesthetic, whereas the master bathroom tries to combine the textural and color elements of the other rooms and to provide a rich space with marble walls, floors of an earth tone and a pearl colored vanity wall.



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