Underground garage turned architecture office by Carlo Bagliani

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Dec 2013 9:18 am | Offices

The architect Carlo Bagliani, in collaboration with Stefano Mattioni and Pamela Cassisa, redesigned this underground garage in Genova, Italy transforming it into an architectural office.

The original structure was designed by the sp10 Studio as a workspace with an industrial style and dark tones but the new design completely transforms the space so that from outside you can have glimpses of the interior through a long glass panel.

The walls and ceiling have a black color while the floor is covered in rubber canvasing. There is a metallic wall separating the space into two areas, one of them acting as a kitchenette and there is a hollowed space in the façade to host the appliances.

The surrounding space is where the workers can take breaks or exchange ideas and the furnishings were bespoke and designed by Antonio Norero with two lamps on each desk bent in opposite directions to create light and shadow effects on the ceiling and walls.



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