Unbalance Hotel by OOIIO Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Jun 2013 6:28 pm | Featured, Hotels & Spas

This stunning piece of architecture was designed by the Madrid-based practice of OOIIO Architecture and it hosts the Unbalance Hotel, located in Lima, Peru.

The owner is a promoter interested in creating a unique building that would require a moderate investment and would be recognized easily and he chose the city of Lima for the project since it is a constantly growing city and the location offers a quiet surrounding on a hanging cliff close to the Andes and the Pacific Ocean.

The topography of the place is what inspired the designers to choose the peculiar shape, since a traditional hotel would be a visual barrier, whereas this way it provides a structure that blends in and allows a view while also attracting the attention of the visitors and becoming a landmark of the city.

The hotel has 125 rooms and there are also restaurants, conference rooms, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces making it an attraction for persons with various interests and wishes.



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