UN City by 3XN

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2013 10:22 am | Other

The UN City office building is located on the northern harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark and it was designed by the architectural practice of 3XN from which we have covered several previous projects in former articles.

Due to the extreme importance of the building it features high security and accessibility standards to offer a safe and protected environment without gaining the aspect of a fortress. The building is located on an artificial island which separates it from the rest of the city while also allowing it to be visible.

The building has the shape of a star which spreads its reaches in all directions becoming a symbol of the UN watch over the world. The base of the building is made from burnished steel with white as the predominant color above it and the façade is made from white perforated aluminum shutters which were developed exclusively for the project.

The entrance level hosts the common functions and gives access to the office areas through a large atrium which uses an ingenious central staircase to connect all the levels together. Each office level has an open layout which makes communication and interaction easier and there are more than 90 meeting rooms and an auditorium with a capacity for 450 people.

The project also complies to international environmental standards so that it is registered with a LEED Platinum rating and it also received the GreenBuilding Award 2012 offered by the European Commission.



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