UFO Hotel Room at the Treehotel, like a Flying Saucer

By : Mark V | 31 Oct 2011 12:02 am | Other

For those of you who believe in UFO`s the Bridgette Meinhold TreeHotel is the place to be. Apart from the sustainable design that allows all facilities to work properly this Swedish hotel you can discover in the trees an oddly shaped room made out of lightweight composite materials which looks just like a flying saucer.

If you come closer you can notice an UFO suspended in the trees and for only $625 a night you can enjoy the outer space in a tree,imagine you`re an alien or if that doesn`t do the thing for you ,you can always check out the breathtaking aurora borealis or search the sky for UFO`s on your own.

The story of this man made UFO is the following: the UFO was prefabricated offsite and it reached the Treehotel in Harads near the Lule River via roads. Even if the structure of the UFO is light weighted ,the materials used when building it are durable as well.All these elements made the UFO be easily lifted from the ground and suspended in the trees.

The way you access the “treehotel” is by means of a retractable staircase and a hatch door. When you step inside ,the 30sq meter room reveals a double bed,bench bed/couches around it ,a cozy dining area and a composting toilet. The views of the UFO reveal the surrounding forest and the porthole windows highlight the futuristic aspect of the construction.


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