TwoRuba Bar by AfroditiKrassa

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Oct 2014 11:18 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The design studio AfroditiKrassa created the new TwoRuba bar located in the Hilton Tower Bridge in London, England and it features a highly adaptable setting that can easily transform from a lounge bar into a casual coffee bar.

The project features a metal mesh drapery that sets the elegant tone for the interior while also acting as an alternative touch on the room dividers with an eco-friendly bronze metal as the main material. The curtain goes along the central area connecting the three floors of the bar and light pendants bring a cozy light into the ambiance and act as a guiding element through the space.

The furniture is modular and made specifically for the bar to ensure the most flexible and comfortable pieces for large gatherings or more intimate events. The inspiration for the design comes from the duality of the city with the historic Tower Bridge and the modern architecture surrounding it, so the textures and materials of the bar try to evoke this feeling inside.


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