Two Workshop Studios by FREAKS freearchitects

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Sep 2013 5:48 pm | Apartments

Designed by the practice of FREAKS freearchitects, the Two Workshop Studios project is located in Saint-Ouen, France and it hosts a ceramic artist and upholsterer who have been living and working together for almost ten years with their children Ulysse.

The studio is right to the back of their house and the first steps were taken in 2007 when the owners commissioned the practice of HTC Architectures to elevate the house and add a steel structure with large window frames. The two spaces were rebuilt in 2012 within the same footprint to provide simple and optimized spaces.

The rooms are symmetrical, have a surface of 22 square meters and are connected from inside accommodating a toilet and a large sink which are available from both sides. The materials are concrete and cement slabs and the entire space is painted white to increase the impression of space and the light inside.



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