Two-Room Swedish Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Aug 2014 7:17 pm | Apartments

This impressive apartment in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden is located in an Art Nouveau building and it features a small but efficient contemporary setting with a welcoming atmosphere and a lot of decorative elements to create a distinct setting.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 57 square meters and it is comprised of two rooms and a kitchen with additional attic space for storage. The living area is bright and open with white walls, ceiling and flooring as well as either white or light toned furniture to increase the feeling of space and the impression of calm inside.

The large number of books and paintings make the living area seem cozy and warm, while the kitchen has an exposed brick wall which adds a rustic touch to the interior as well as some extra texture.

The bedroom has a large bed and also the generous windows permit abundant natural light inside. The gray wallpaper sets this area apart from the rest of the home and a metal shelving system ensures some extra storage space as well as a minimalist touch.



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