Trojan Horse-Shaped Hotel in Durbuy, Belgium

By : Mark V | 19 May 2015 7:02 am | Other

A more original and odd project that what we might be used to is the design of the hotel that is owned by Dominique Noel; a hotel in the shape of a wooden horse reminiscent of the one that was supposedly used by the Greeks to breach the walls of Troy. The exterior already sets us for an illo tempore, a realm apart from the banal reality, and closer to the imagination and fantastic.

La Balade des Gnomes, or The Ballad of the Gnomes in translation, is a place taken from tales, a space of wonder and magic where the rooms are decorated with a lot of tiny figurines and various fairy-tale elements. The furniture is made from branches and tree trunks and the rustic feeling is further outlined through the wooden vines that are used as decorative elements.

The bathtub is itself made out of wood and other elements used in the decoration include cob, mud, lime and straws, all of these offering extra warmth during the winters and keeping the interior cool during the summer.

To enjoy a dreamlike adventure into this mobile hotel the price is around 150 dollars per night.


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