Triumph Palace penthouse by Geometrix

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Oct 2013 5:31 pm | Apartments

The brilliant designers from the Geometrix studio created this amazing penthouse in the Triumph Palace apartment building which has 57 floors and is located in Moscow, Russia.

The luxurious loft is highly modern and has a blend of bright and dark tones to create an elegant interior with very carefully placed furniture to offer both functionality and coziness. The apartment extends to a terrace above the city and offering a panoramic view of Moscow.

The large windows extend through the entire surface of the apartment to provide both a good view and abundant natural light while the curtains provide the needed privacy. Each room has a different palette and there is a large variety of textures enhancing the effect of each area without the need for bright colors.

There are multiple spots for the illumination to create a homogenous ambiance and the living area is separated from the dining area through a small central wall which also hosts the TV thus giving each side the opportunity to follow its own aesthetic.



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