Triburg Headquarters by S.P.A Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Dec 2014 10:10 am | Offices

Triburg is the most important apparel sourcing company in India and their headquarters in Guargaon, Haryana were created in 2010 by the SPA Design studio to blend the natural environment with the transparent features of the Adalaj Stepwall and thus ensure an efficient ambiance for an office building.

The complex footprint of the building defines four courtyards that provide natural light inside although not too much to reduce the solar gain. The structure has a basement, ground floor and additional levels beginning with one and gradually increasing toward the back to a height of six levels that give a total height of 30 meters.

The arched facades connect with the enclosed courtyards to offer the employees a view of several landscapes that range from water bodies to jungle-like vegetation. The terraces are covered with hanging gardens and the upper levels have skylights to bring more light inside. The designers wanted to use exposed bricks with RCC to give the building a sense of craft that would fit the purpose of the company.


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