Trendyol Headquarters by Habif Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Oct 2014 9:06 pm | Offices

Trendyol is the largest fashion e-commerce company in Turkey and its headquarters were designed by the practice of Habif Architecture in 2013, trying to create a parallel between the company’s philosophy and the interior of the office.

The interior has an open layout that ensures easy access to the social spots and there are several axes which organize the units along with a rail system that allows easy transport. The entire headquarters spreads over a surface of 6000 square meters and is occupied by 400 employees with departments taking care of production, receiving of goods, a seminar hall, cafeteria and administrative areas.

The exposed ceiling increases the space inside even with a reduced ceiling height and the working units are free of any obstacles or dividers since the layout could change any time and thus flexibility was central. The meeting rooms and play rooms are in the center of the office and they look like train stations to work with the rail system that is planned to operate between them.


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