Trendy Interior by Robert Kolenik

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Dec 2014 9:10 am | Interiors

This highly luxurious contemporary residence called ‘t Gooi features an interior designed by Robert Kolenik with the most elegant finishes and an open layout that combines neutral tones of gray and white with wooden surfaces.

The living area has a fireplace in its center and the dining area is made more interesting through the addition of a chandelier in the shape of a branch. There is a secondary fireplace comprised of a modern chimney and a weathered wood base with two sofas and armchairs in the living area to create the lounge area.

The kitchen is fully equipped and there is a home office area which is well organized, with good lighting and sufficient storage areas. The project resembles the aesthetic of a nightclub and you can easily see that it was meant to act as a home for people that like to entertain, since you have a marble bar, textured walls and a large shelf for the bottles so that you can fix any cocktail on the spot.


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