Transformer by Studio Garneau

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Aug 2014 6:41 pm | Apartments

This apartment stands out due to its ability to adapt the interior to the needs of the inhabitants, featuring an innovative design created by the Studio Garneau in New York City that transforms a dilapidated prewar apartment into a contemporary loft.

The large sliding wall in the center of the apartment separates the bedroom from the living and dining areas and when it encloses the bedroom it leaves a library wall exposed with floor to ceiling filing cabinets and dynamic shelves. When the wall moves to cover the library, the setting becomes much simpler and cozier.

There is a wall bed which can be flipped for a yoga area and the custom made sofas in the living area can be changed into a single L shaped layout or as two separate ones and they can also form a large bed. These beds and the dining table have hidden storage compartments and you can also raise the dining table to countertop height so that it becomes a home office.



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