Tower of Ring by EASTERN Design Office

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Jun 2013 3:34 pm | Other, Urban


The Tower of Ring in Tianjin’s central square was designed by the EASTERN Design Office architectural practice and its exterior adapts its light emissions according to the motion of the atmosphere and the change of light and sky.

The design of the tower is inspired by oriental philosophy, the tower is empty and there is no observatory on its top, just the transparent structure in the shape of a wave. The square where the project is built is a new cultural district located in front of the Daireido assembly house.

The tower’s diameter is 12 meters and the only purpose for which it is entered is for maintenance. The tower raises 64 meters above the basement level and goes down six meters below the surface. The illumination of the tower is provided by LEDs embedded into the cast steel. The project construction began in 31 December 2011 and the tower was completed in April 23 2012.



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