Torcuato House by BAK arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2014 7:09 pm | Homes

The Torcuato House is a residential project designed by the practice of BAK Arquitectos with an aesthetic similar to the beautiful House Beach (which we covered here) and it is located in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina in a Country Club founded in 1950 surrounded by various species of trees and bushes to ensure a great landscape.

The backyard opens toward a wooded common area while the front has two ash trees to ensure the shading needed during the summer. The house is inhabited by a family with a teenager son and the layout of the residence has three bedrooms, one of which comes with a wardrobe, a living area with fireplace, dining area with kitchen integrated and a verandah with barbeque area.

The project spreads over a surface of 280 square meters and there are two volumes with two floors connected through a circulation area with a water courtyard. The ground floor of the first volume contains the living and receiving areas with direct contact to the water courtyard and the second volume is empty to host the courtyard with the grill area that expands the dining room and kitchen.


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