Topolopompo Fire Kitchen by Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture Ltd

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jan 2014 6:14 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Topolopompo fire kitchen is a restaurant inspired by the culinary traditions of Asia with fire present in every dish. The project is located in Tel Aviv, Israel and it was designed by the practice of Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture Ltd in 2012 spreading over a surface of 535 square meters.

Since fire is the core element in the dishes, the designers tried to make it a prominent part in the design as well, reminding the visitors of tribal bonfires where the elders would gather and tell tales, spreading the cultural heritage and traditions of the area.

The interior is also inspired by the valleys, mountain tops and rice terraces present in the Orient providing various possibilities for social gatherings along the travels from one place to the next. The landscapes all have the presence of a fire dragon in their midst which is the spirit of the place hovering above them and adding extra layers of mystery to the place.

The scales of the dragon are represented through the concrete tiles that add texture to the ambiance, while the illumination is provided by paper lanterns to make the interior more intimate and reminiscent of fireflies.



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