Top 10 Most Amazing Workplaces of 2013

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Dec 2013 5:20 pm | Offices

2013 has been an amazing year for architecture and some of the high profile companies and brands expanded with new workplaces that redefine the way we work, creating an environment that reflects the principles and philosophy they hold. Here are some of the workplaces which we consider the most impressive for this year.

1. Amazon Headquarters by NBBJ

This project is located in Seattle and it is an extension of the new Amazon downtown campus with a very eco-friendly design that features biospheres with a steel framework and glazing overlays making you feel like you are in a greenhouse rather than at the office.

2. Google Campus in Dublin by Camenzind Evolution

The Google Campus received an expansion from two to four buildings and the project was designed in collaboration with Henry J. Lyons Architects to create an open floor plan that encourages collaboration and diversity, inspiring the employees.

3. Airbnb Headquarters by Gensler and Interior Design Fair

The vacation home rental company AirBnB received a new headquarters in San Francisco that has a design similar to that of a cozy home with lounge-like boardrooms, cafeterias that look like your home kitchen and a very bright ambiance that relaxes and inspires the employees and visitors alike.

4. Apple Cupertino Campus by Foster + Partners

Also called Apple Campus 2, this project will host 12000 employees and it will contain a 260128 square office with a research and development building, an auditorium with 1000 seats and its own generating power plant to supply the electricity needed.

5. One Workplace Headquarters by Design Blitz

This project redefines the way showrooms are designed with experiences mapped for the customers as well as the employees through “touch points” that act as itineraries through the entire workplace and back to their original starting point.

6. Pinterest Headquarters by All of the Above and First Office + SaA

Located in a large warehouse in Palo Alto, this project tries to incorporate the qualities of the original Pinterest house offering a collaborative interaction of the employees through an abstract framework inserted into the newly renovated building.

7. Google Office in Tel Aviv by Camenzind Evolution

Spreading over eight floors, this workplace has enough space to provide each employee with an ambiance they consider ideal and there are several elaborately themed rooms that combine the office design with that of an amusement park, making work truly fun.

8. Twitter’s Global Headquarters by IA Interior Architects

Designed in collaboration with the Lundberg design studio, this urban campus is the first workspace designed specifically for the social media and it is located in a historic art deco building spreading over two floors.

9. Dropbox San Francisco Office by Boor Bridges + Geremia Design

This project is all about functionality forming a container delineated by interior furnishings and abundant vegetation to add a natural tone. The modular design is open and organized with open stations alternated with lounges and interview spaces to ensure maximum flexibility.

10. Tamedia Headquarters by Shigeru Ban

The structural system for this project is made just from timber and the design boasts impressive environmental features using groundwater for heating and cooling in order to provide an alternative to the use of fossil fuels.


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