Tokinoie by ASOstyle

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Oct 2014 11:01 pm | Homes

The ASOstyle architectural practice designed this residential project called tokinoie which is located in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan and features an aesthetic that wants to serve as a healing home for a family that wanted to honor the memory of their ancestors.

The property was previously owned by the father of the inhabitants and, as an act of remembrance, the designers reused the materials of the old home to incorporate them into a more contemporary design so that the father’s memory would carry on.

The house spreads around a central courtyard with a swimming pool and there is also a home studio linked with the residence. Aside from the contemporary layout the house incorporates several traditional Japanese tatami rooms as well. The living area extends to the outdoors through a terrace and the bathroom also features sliding glass doors that give the impression of bathing outside, allowing easy access from the swimming pool to the showers.


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