Tlv Rothschild Blvd Apartment by DORI Interior Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Oct 2014 8:06 pm | Apartments

The Tlv Rothschild Blvd Apartment located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel was designed by the DORI Interior Design studio with a stunning contemporary aesthetic combining touches of industrial motifs with a bright neutrally tones space.

Spreading over a surface of 970 square feet, the interior is open due to a layout which integrates the kitchen into the living area with an island separating the two that also acts as a dining area. The bedroom is visually linked to the social space through the sliding glass doors and the entire ambiance is very bright due to the floor to ceiling glass wall on one side with a long white curtain acting as a separating element.

The predominant tone is white on the walls and ceiling with light wooden floors and accents of black on the kitchen area and storage spaces to bring a contrasting element into the mix.


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