Tiny Hong Kong Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Dec 2013 6:56 pm | Apartments

This wonderful apartment uses ingenuity to compensate for the lack of space and since it is located in Hong Kong, a city renowned for its space problems, the design firms in the city really know how to handle this problem and come up with impressive solutions.

Despite the usual contemporary trend for large windows and a constant connection with the surroundings, this apartment uses long curtains in the living room to cover the windows entirely but manages to maintain a bright ambiance through the white walls and ceiling along with the white or gray furniture.

Warmth is brought inside through the wooden flooring and furniture pieces to increase the color diversity and there are also more colorful touches such as the armchair and footstool that opt for a light blue tone. The decorations abound without overcrowding the space and some of them also have extra utility, such as the painting that transforms itself into a small coffee table for two.



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