Theater De Stoep by UNStudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2014 2:05 pm | Other

Theater De Stoep opened on the 9th of October 2014 and it functions as a prominent cultural venue in the city of Spijkenisse, The Netherlands, featuring a design created by the UNStudio with a composition that wants to bring together the disparate elements of the interior programs with the aid of a white roof shape that stands out above the lower glass volume.

There are two separate auditoriums and the clients wanted to “create a world of illusion and enchantment” while also ensuring sufficient gathering zones like the large foyer at the entrance as well as seating spots and cafes.

The designers thought of the theater not only as a place where you escape from the daily worries into a fantasy world, but also as a public space where you interact with others, so the vertical foyer was a core area into the design.

The theater spreads over a surface of 5800 square meters to include an auditorium for up to 650 guests, a smaller one with 200 seats and additional areas such as a grand café, restaurant, artists’ café, VIP lounge, dressing rooms and offices.


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