The Wilanow Penthouse by HOLA Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Mar 2013 9:09 am | Apartments

This penthouse offers a modern design with a lot of strong elements in the otherwise relaxed and minimalist combination of white walls and wood flooring. The designers at HOLA Design show their skill by combining the simple elements with attractive artworks and contrasting furniture to create a unique and lasting impression.

The Wilanow Penthouse is located in Warsaw, Poland and also includes a spacious terrace which offers wonderful views from above the city. The living area and the bedrooms have natural oak planks on the floor and the storage space is placed through a corridor like passage leading towards the bathroom to save up space. It includes two lockable wardrobes and on one of the sides it also incorporates the television set. There is an additional bathroom and both of them use white as the predominant color and have insulated creations and stylized components.

With a lot of space and light colors emphasized by the large floor to ceiling windows the penthouse offers functional and calming environment and a complete home.



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