The Wanka House by Estudio Galera

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 May 2015 10:09 pm | Homes

The Wanka House located on the beach resort town of Carilo in Argentina was designed by the practice of Estudio Galera as a holiday space for the owner’s family and friends to get together and spend some relaxing time away from the city.

The house is only a hundred meters from the sea and takes complete advantage of the views and the surroundings with the sea at the rear façade and the forest at the front. The sunlight is also taken into consideration since the temperature can rise to 40 degrees C during the summer.

The interior also tries to offer a connection with the outside nature through the living room and dining room floor having three opening faces. The kitchen is towards the south and the barbecue area is connected with the swimming pool area. The dining room also opens to a terrace underneath it and this area provides a fire pit and a grill.

The suspended level in the front hosts the bedrooms which offer a terrific view due to their three exterior walls. The top level is built as a leisure space and it offers 360 degrees views of the surroundings.



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