The Wanangkura Stadium by ARM Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Mar 2013 2:14 pm | Indoor Arenas, Sport Arenas, Stadiums

The Wanangkura Stadium is designed by the practice of ARM Architecture as a multi-purpose center in South Port Hedland, Australia and the odd name was chosen through a poll from a lot of submissions. Its significance is ‘whirlwind’ in the native Kariyarra language. The name, according to the locals, tries to describe the cyclone pattern that tries to change the flat geometry of the landscape, although from our point of view it hints more towards the high-tech architecture with its pixelated design. The designers confess that they wanted to offer the idea of a mirage to remove the flatness of the landscape.

The climate in the area is extreme and there are cyclonic periods along with periods of very high temperatures and thus the buildings have to endure these harsh conditions.

The roof of the building also acts as its façade spreading over 3500 square meters and offering homage to the local football club The South Hedland Swans through the stripes in the roof’s profile that are the same color as the team’s, namely black and white.

Inside the building is the playing court, a gym, squash courts, the rooms of the local football teams and the function rooms on the upper level. Next to the main building are the outdoor netball and basketball courts.

Even though there were multiple difficulties in the design of the building, such as the sporting code requirements for each of the sports, the design of ARM Architecture offers an iconic building which is unique and innovative.



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