The Villa Vita Parc

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jul 2013 6:12 pm | Hotels & Spas

The Villa Vita Parc is a hotel in Algarve, Portugal that offers golf courses, luxurious restaurants and a wonderful spa, all with great views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Villa Vita Parc recently reopened the Oasis Parc which is an area inspired by the Moorish villages with 60 suites with a subtropical garden surrounding them. This area aims to offer the most comfortable ambience and privacy in one of the best settings possible.

The Algave hotel also offers a large range of five-star facilities for the entire family with golf programs, a 72 feet yacht that is available for private trips, a range of water sports and the abundant gardens surrounding the Oasis Parc Suite.

There are three different suite types available, the Premium ones, the Premium Rooftop and the Family suites all offering elegant interiors with walk-in wardrobes and large bathrooms that combine the Moorish design with contemporary features and traditional Portuguese elements.



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