The Tiny Tack House by Chris and Malissa Tack

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 May 2013 7:51 pm | Homes

Chris and Malissa Tack created The Tiny Tack House with their own hands as a wood-clad mobile home built on a 7/20 feet dual axle utility trailer.

With the motto “tiny is the new big” this house on wheels spreads on a surface of 140 square feet and its construction took seven months (800 working hours) with a cost of under 20000 dollars with salvaged materials and sustainable wood.

The entrance leads to a compact living room with a gabled roof, a skylight and ten windows on the first floor offering ample natural light during the daytime. The second floor hosts a mezzanine loft which can be reached with the aid of a ladder and it contains the bedroom, which overlooks the living room.

Under the sleeping area are a fully equipped kitchen with a lot of counter space and a bathroom with a shower made from a recycled wooden barrel making it wonderfully rustic and ingenious. The insulation of the home is made with natural wool and cedar siding and the ventilation and illumination are natural and done through the eleven windows that the house features. A propane tank takes care of the cooking and there are four solar panels to supply the power for the home.



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