The Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum by Werner Tscholl

By : Mark V | 6 Jun 2015 12:33 pm | Landmarks, Museums

The Austrian Alps have a lot of architectural surprises waiting for you, one of them being the Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum, designed by the Werner Tscholl Architects. The area where it’s located is full of history, with a road that was once a mule track that acts like a link between two beautiful valleys, the Passeiertal valley and the Ötztal valley.

There are a lot of unique monuments and sculptures placed in key locations on this road, such as stopping sites, which offer information about the surroundings, the culture, economy, history and of course, the communities from the region. This is a beautiful experience and that’s why this idea was named the Timmelsjoch Experience.

The new Pass Museum is located on the North Tyrolean side and looks like it came from outer space. It’s like a large boulder was placed by accident there. This museum is pretty small and features an “Ice Cave” that’s a tribute to the pioneers from the High Alpine Road and the wonderful achievements they’ve managed to accomplish.


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