The Strand Residence by Horst Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Apr 2013 7:30 pm | Homes

The Strand Residence is an imposing and yet peaceful retreat at the Headlands, on the shore of the ocean a few miles south in Dana Point, California.

The designers, the practice of Horst Architects, provided the project with three diaphanous pavilions with a central courtyard and a house with a lot of open spaces which connects strongly with the surroundings. Each one of the rooms presents a view of the ocean and there is a series of overlapping reflective ponds to create a peaceful ambiance.

The owners wanted a home where they could reestablish the family base and which could accommodate three master suites along with an environment suitable for their children, grandchildren and their friends.

The courtyard is hidden from the street side and is revealed by a covered passage along a stone wall, thus offering the privacy the residents need without hindering the use of glass and still permitting the best views towards the ocean.



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