The Song Saa Private Island Resort in Cambodia

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 May 2013 1:09 pm | Hotels & Spas

Everyone dreamed at least once of having his/her own private island where every day will be a piece of paradise to spend with the loved one and best friends.

The Song Saa Islands are located in Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago and they sit side by side thus gaining their name, which in Khmer means “the sweethearts”.

Although remote and seemingly untouched by humans the islands offer quite a luxurious and classy resort right next to the sands of the private beach. There are even villas that float on the water to present the perfect view of both the island and the sunset, with the flickers of light and the changing colors reflected on the water.

The resort spans over both islands which are connected through a footbridge that is placed above a marine reserve with turtles, seahorses and tropical fish. The villas are also built from sustainable materials and there is a world renowned restaurant and lounge set right off the island shore.

Aside from the ocean, there is an infinity edge swimming pool, you can relax at a spa or wellness center in the rainforest, take an ecological program to find out more about the flora and fauna in the area or if you are more dynamic you can try out kayaking, snorkeling or boating.



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