The Porsche Center in Dortmund, Germany

By : Mark V | 27 Nov 2011 9:12 pm | Other

Porsche is renowned for their precision, speed and technical accuracy. The new Porsche Center that is located in Dortmund seems to capture the motto of this powerful brand. The structure is split into two blocks: one block is the foundation block that was designed to match the topography of the site and the other block is a metallic structure that is 8 meters high and it’s 130 meters long.

All the parts that compose the building were prefabricated – for example the aluminum and steel structures were made with the help of computer animated laser and then welding machines were used to bring ’em together. The shape of the building was designed in the well known style of the Porsche products.

There is also a café lounge that reveals production processes, tests, the Porsche history and many other things regarding this brand. Another key feature of this structure is the lighting installation that during night time it lights up the transparent fronts that show images of Porsche products.


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