The Picture Frame House in Sarasota, Florida

By : Mark V | 7 Oct 2015 5:56 pm | Homes

The firm Voigt Brothers Construction together with DSDG Inc. Architects designed a residential project called The Picture Frame House in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

Planned as a home in a cosmopolitan style the place offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay and of New Pass. It hosts a guest house along with the main project and it has two stories. On the first floor there is a swimming pool and the secondary bedrooms while the second floor hosts the kitchen and main bedroom planned to a higher level to allow a better view.

The two bodies of building are linked together through a bridge and the courtyard also has a garage in it and an elegant terrace together with several palm trees.

The interior is minimalist, designed with elegant touches, giving the impression that each piece was very carefully picked and placed to give the best harmony to the overall space. The illumination is set in multiple places giving the rooms an impeccable clarity.

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