The Peninsula 1 villa in St. Tropez

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 May 2015 1:22 am | Homes

The Peninsula 1 villa is located in St. Tropez in the South of France offering a combination of modern and classical design in a luxurious ensemble that makes it quite ideal for a vacation.

Offering an open-plan with a very large terrace and lounge, adorned with palm trees and a pool with a mobile base which can be raised to extend the terrace even further; the villa opens up to a view of the sea and there is even an olive grove nearby.

The interior is very spacious and the rounded arches try to make the interior-exterior dichotomy less plausible and turn the whole into a place to have fun and relax. There are large sofas inside and a fireplace for the days when going out seems like a bad idea and each of the four bedrooms has its own private garden and AV system.

Using daring coloring and furnishes the villa offers inspiration and vitality to those fortunate enough to choose it as their vacation spot.



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