The new Viborg Town Hall by Henning Larsen

By : Mark V | 7 Oct 2011 11:18 pm | Infrastructure, Urban

A town hall is more than just a building, it’s one of the representative buildings of any city and maybe even the image of the town.  Specialists consider the new Viborg Town Hall to be a masterpiece and one can tell why just by looking at the building or by seeing a picture of it. Henning Larsen Architects put their best ideas at work and they came up with an intricate, splendid faceted shape.

The building has been completed in 2011 and it’s already attracting tourists from many corners of the world. The Viborg Town Council Hall functions as a canteen, adjoining meeting room and a foyer. Its innovative design allows it to be flexible, the meeting room can be easily used as a conference center, too.

The most visited part of the Town Hall is its top floor and it’s clear to us all why. There you can relax at the café on the top floor of the building since it offers a magnificent view of Viborg Cathedral and direct access to the roof garden.

When they built the town hall, the Henning Larsen Architects took into consideration the fact that the building will be next to the park, so the symmetry of the construction fits the modern contemporary architecture and the natural surrounding elements as well.


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