The new Stuttgart City Library by Yi Architects

By : Mark V | 4 Jun 2015 6:08 pm | Education, Infrastructure

The brand new Stuttgart City Library was designed by Yi Architects and, just a couple of days after it was finally opened, almost everyone considers it as being one of the most beautiful libraries in the whole world. The main focus is on the grand atrium, a massive impressive five story space that copies the style of the famous modernist MC Esher.

The colour palette of this library is neutral but the books do seem to have a surreal effect on the atmosphere of the building.  The space seems filled with light although it doesn`t receive direct lighting and, even though the neutral colours are dominant in the design, the place seems warm and playful.

There is a sense of seclusion too even if the structure is really open thanks to its massive atrium. Apart from functioning as a library, this building also functions as a media center being one the newest attractions of Stuttgart, Germany.


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