The new Artscience Museum In Singapore

By : Mark V | 14 Oct 2011 9:57 pm | Landmarks, Museums

Safdue Architects designed the new Artscience Museum In Singapore, an eye catching building that looks exactly like a lotus flower. The museum is divided into two parts: the first part is represented by the base of the building that is embedded in the earth and has a beautiful, huge lily pond, while the second part of the building looks like a lotus flower that has 10 petals. The petals have different heights and they draw the sunlight in the building, illuminating the galleries inside.

Sheldon Adelson was heard to describe the museum as “The welcoming hand of Singapore.” The entrance is actually a glass pavilion. Access to the galleries can be made using the elevators and escalators. The area that the museum conveys is 6,000 square meters and there are three levels of galleries to discover inside.

The center of the museum has a waterfall that fills an interior pond. The water comes from the rainwater collected from the roof through an oculus. The asymmetrical structure of the museum is 60 meters high and its structure is made of steel. Ten columns support this assembly and the overall aspect is quite impressive to the eye.

Double curved Fiber Reinforced Polymer [FRP] was used for the museum’s envelope, this kind of material is usually used for yacht and boats. Bead-blasted stainless steel panels compose each vertical side of the petals. The stroke of genius was the use of FRP when it comes to buildings, because it makes the structure gleam.

The architects also added eco friendly elements, making the museum be one of the best examples of sustainability in the area.

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