The Nautilus Project restaurant in Singapore

By : Mark V | 25 Oct 2011 8:38 am | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

This interesting restaurant is located in Singapore and it is part of the ION shopping center that opened recently on the Orchard Road. The Nautilus Project Restaurant sits on the fourth floor of the shopping center and it was designed by Design Spirits. The location of the restaurant was a winner as the floor belongs to sales, food and drinks.

The restaurant is next to an oyster bar and on the other side of the restaurant you can spot displays of dessert and trays of crustaceans on ice. The design of the restaurant was influenced by its owner; the owner is the president of the cargo company and her beauty inspired the designers to add a touch of elegance and sophisticated style to the overall design of the place.

The entrance has an ordinary passageway for the restaurant that offers quick access to the place. This creates a warm welcome, because the visitors aren’t intimidated of the entrance. It is curved inward towards the center to emphasize the beginning of the passageway into the restaurant.

The entrance also allows a view of the restaurant-so that the possible clients can make their mind-if they want to enter the restaurant or not, if they like what it has to offer or not. All in all the interactive place has managed to draw in a lot of clients.

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