The Muse Bar by HEAD Architecture

By : Mark V | 3 Jul 2015 10:37 pm | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The Muse Bar is part of an office building in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay and it can be found on the 26th floor of this building. The bar was designed by HEAD Architecture and Design. The client wanted a relaxing atmosphere where people can chill out and the HEAD architecture group followed the client’s request.

The Muse Bar can receive around 92 people and it has two VIP rooms. It is an open bar and the name was inspired from the daily, stressful life in Hong Kong. The owner wanted this bar to offer the perfect solution for a hard day’s work. If you look the word MUSE, the dictionary shows that it means “to think or meditate in silence” and “to forget about the world around one”.

The colours chosen to design the bar also induce the idea of “Muse”. Purple and black were the main choices for the colour palette. The bar has a long curving aspect and it is also fronted with a three dimensional sculptural facing. The stylish, calming design of the bar impresses you from the entrance.

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