The Met Building Wins RIBA Lubetkin Prize

By : Mark V | 5 Oct 2011 6:47 pm | Skyscrapers

Another architectural wonder is the Met Building in Bangkok, Thailand. The Singapore Company WOHA has won the famous RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) for the most outstanding work thanks to this skyscraper. The RIBA award was offered for international architecture performed by a member of the RIBA.

There are so many reasons that justify the winning of this award. First off, The Met functions on natural energy, using the power of nature to cool the apartments. The skyscraper is a 66 story tower that also has outdoor spaces, gardens and balconies. Natural ventilation can be found in every room because the ingenious architects made punching holes in the building that made the ventilation spread to the building using vertical voids in the structure and since the height of the tower is overwhelming the wind speeds, too.

The skyscraper includes all facilities: communal spaces that have a gym, a garden, a 50 meter swimming pool and for relaxation and other activities there are barbecue and seating zones as well.

BBC Two’s The Culture Show on Sunday featured the Met in an exclusive, special edition. The Winner of the RIBA LUBETKIN Prize was announced on Saturday, October 1, at Magna Science Adventure Center in Rotherham. The special event was held at the RIBA Stirling Prize 2011 Dinner. The events` associates were The Architects` Journal and Benchmark.

The jury chair and RIBA President, Angela Brady was very impressed of the building and she was heard saying that the Met Building well deserved receiving the award since it combines many innovative and special pieces of architecture of this century’s style. She also pointed out that the architects from WOHA combined nature’s elements (the way in which the building is ventilated) with the cutting edge futuristic looks of this decade into one 66 story high skyscraper.


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