The lovely Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland

By : Mark V | 22 Oct 2011 3:55 pm | Sport Arenas, Stadiums

The new Aviva Stadium can welcome up to 51,700 spectators in an amazing arena built on the spot of the old Lansdowne Road venue in Dublin, Ireland. The former venue was demolished in 2007.The famous architecture firm Populous took hold of the project and in 2009 the Aviva Group has decided to sign for a 10-year deal for the naming rights.

Its opening date was on 14 May 2010 and it’s Ireland’s first and only, UEFA Elite Stadium and in 2011, it hosted the Europe League Final. The stadium is near Lansdowne Road railway station. Starting with August 2010 the stadium also hosted the Nations Cup and it is also home for the national rugby team and national football team.

The stadium is divided into four tiers. The general access is in the lower and upper tiers. The second tier is reserved for premium tickets while the third tier is made for the corporate boxes. The north stand differs from the rest because it’s single tiered-being so close to local housing. It is meant to be like this since it is reserved for soccer internationals.

Other additions to the stadium were: two basement levels and there’s also a total of seven storeys of floors. The roof is spectacular it looks like a wave, because it has an undulating structure. The box level is capable of hosting 1,300 spectators while the premium level can welcome 11,000 people.

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