The Looper by Nomadic Resorts

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jun 2015 8:30 pm | Other

Nomads have always been considered romantic and there is something very attractive to the idea of being unbound to one place, always on the move and exploring. As the designers at Nomadic Resorts remind us quoting J.R.R. Tolkien “not all those who wander are lost” and from this idea they tried to create an ideal mobile refuge, which they called the Looper pod.

Made from lightweight tensile fabric that stretches over a wooden frame, the shape of the pod reminds us of a caterpillar, with several folding segments that give the whole a curvilinear structure. The pod is separated in several small areas, each of them including a bathroom, a changing room, a sleeping area with air conditioning and even a small office that has a wifi internet connection.

One of the ends is a lounge space that can become either exterior or interior, according to the user’s needs and it includes a complete entertainment system. The illumination is provided by LED lights and they along with the air conditioning are powered by a solar canopy. Rainwater is harvested in a tank for recycling and a solar heater provides hot water. Through its shape cross ventilation and shade are ensured and the pod can be constructed on different surfaces, like sand, floating rafts or even on another building.



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