The Italian Head Quarter of Hangar Design Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Aug 2015 3:37 pm | Offices


Located in Venice, Italy the Hangar Design Group headquarters offer a stylish design which tries to provide privacy for the executive staff and the other employees of the firm.

The building next to it is also a part of the project and it hosts the creative laboratories with a different style which combines black and white patterns with a light wood.

The project features open spaces to allow communication and creative exchange of ideas with contact between the work stations and team members a concept which is quite often used in contemporary workspace design.

Using materials such as metal, stone, glass and slate both buildings focus on productivity and on the comfort of the employee, trying to create a space which is less reminiscent of an office and closer to a residential space so that it seems cozier and thus encourages a relaxed attitude which enhances creativity and cooperation.



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