The Incheon Tri-bowl by iArc Architects

By : Mark V | 29 Nov 2012 9:37 pm | Infrastructure, Urban

The Incheon Tri-bowl was completed in March 2010 in one of South Korea’s biggest cities, Incheon, of course. iArc Architects was the company which came up with this landmark that spreads over 2,869 sqm. The project was supposed to be a new symbol of this city and to refresh the look of the central park of Song Do.

It’s located right next to the Incheon Harbor and at times it seems to reflect the ocean. The building has a multidimensional aspect and it can function as a performance area, a social gathering place or even as an exhibition. The architects wanted to create something that’s totally unique, and they’ve used their creativity to come up with an original design, with a curved floor and a flat roof, which is completely different than the traditional ideas in architecture.

The memorial hall serves one purpose: it’s reserved for exhibitions and this is why the ceiling here is wide to render a sense of exposure, openness and space. The Led system puts everything under the spotlight, making everything stand out. Here you can find a rectangular reflection pond that really takes your breath away.

The exterior of the Incheon Tri-bowl is made from exposed concrete found on the lower part of the shell while the upper part has aluminum panels which is an interesting mix of materials that make this building seem really imposing.

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